Frequently Asked Questions


How long will the design consultation take?
Please allow at least an hour for your designer to take measurements and discuss your requirements.

How quickly can I expect to see the design and quotation?
Your designer will present your designs to you approximately 1 week after your design consultation.

Is it necessary to visit your showroom prior to my design consultation?
Although this is not essential, we recommend that you do visit our showroom for you to see what we have to offer and meet your designer prior to the home visit.

Do we need to remove the existing carpet or skirting?
We can install furniture on top of the existing carpet and the skirting can be left in place.

Do you do pull down rails in wardrobes?
Yes, we can supply pull down rails and recommend them where the wardrobes are very high. This will form part of the discussion at the design consultation

Can you manufacture corner wardrobes?
Yes, there is various solutions to making the most efficient use out of the available space.

Are all the doors soft closing?
Yes, as standard all our door hinges and drawer runners are soft close, with the exception of touch to open doors/drawers which have to be pressed closed by the user.

Do the wardrobes come with a back panel?
Yes, all our wardrobe units are fully carcase to provide greater strength to the wardrobe structure and a better quality finish.

What if my walls/floors aren’t level?
All our units are fitted with infill panels to give some tolerance when installing. At Hyperion we optimise the design to keep this infill to a minimum and the fitters level all units. This will be discussed with your designer.

What type of Timber do you use?
American White Oak and American Black Walnut. Both of these timbers can be stained to any colour

Can you take the wardrobes right up to the ceiling?
If there is coving in the room, we take the unit to the underside and add an infill panel in, to fill the gap. Even without coving, we require a tolerance for leveling at finish, therefore there will still be a small panel at the top.

Do you offer accessory drawers?
Yes, we do and they can either be fixed in or removable and divided as per your requirements.

Can you install lighting in my wardrobes?
Yes, as long as power is available and supplied prior to installation.

If my furniture has lighting, how is this powered? 

We can connect to either a 3 pin socket or a fused spur connection.  This can be from the mains or the lighting circuit as long as this is done prior to installation and a qualified electrician.

 Are the shelves adjustable?
As standard, all our shelving is adjustable, however if you require, or if they have integral lighting, they will be fixed.

What cable management solutions do you have in my newly fitted study for the desk space?
Our fitters will supply and fit cable management ports in the work surface at your desired positions, which allows you to use the existing wall sockets. However, we can also supply and fit surface mounted extension leads which includes power sockets and USB ports.

Can you replace only the doors on my wardrobes?
Most of the time the existing carcase structure isn’t suitable for door replacement and might compromise the weight limits on the frame work. But on some larger projects it might be possible. Speak to your designer about the possibility.

Can you manufacture custom wall furniture to fit a slope ceiling (eves)?
Yes we can, this is part of our bespoke service.

What is the lead time for manufacturing?
The Average lead time is 10 weeks from when a quotation is accepted and deposit received.

How many days will you need to fit my new fitted furniture?
Usually 1 -2 days, but depends on the number of rooms we are fitting.

Does your fitted furniture come with a guarantee?
Hyperion Furniture’s fitted furniture is made from the finest quality materials and built with infinite care by our own skilled craftsman. To give you extra peace of mind and because we are sure that you will be delighted with our furniture for many years to come, we have included a 10 year guarantee on all our furniture.

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