Sinks and Taps

Franke Sinks


Imagine a kitchen where everything worked together, looked great and had a purpose.  A kitchen where all its components were designed to help you enjoy your space more. At Franke, this is how they approach the design of their kitchen systems. Their solutions truly deliver the perfect balance of style, comfort and functionality in a kitchen.


Franke has a wide range of textures, colours and materials for you to choose from, which allows you to customise the kitchen you want and one that complements your sense of style.


Founded in 1911, Franke is a company that was built on precision engineering and traditional craftsmanship. Their sinks are manufactured from durable, strong, carefully selected materials and state of the art production methods. More than a 100 years later, those principles and building blocks are still intact.  But while some things remain the same, they are adaptable and constantly finding new ways to meet the changing needs and lifestyles of customers.  Franke is now the largest manufacturer of kitchen sinks in the world and are known for their outstanding quality.